Sunday Confessional: our guy Francis

Confession: Pope Francis is a rock star. He makes it easy to say your Catholic these days. 

I’ve been watching the CNN coverage on his whirlwind trip to the US. I’ve watched him bring Congressmen to tears. Watched him not dine with the elite but the meek. 

I’ve watched him lay his hands and bring grace and hope to people young and old. Then there were the selfies with the young Catholics. Mass on such a level I have never seen. 

He is a beacon of hope and grace, and he makes me smile. He makes me stand a little taller, and proud to be a member of his flock. 

Oh had I the opportunity to go and be in his presence. What an amazing thing that would have been. 

He puts into practice the ideals Catholics hold dear. He lives his faith in action. I can only hope to do that as I move through life. 

  Today at church they kicked off Sunday School, and the kids had fun. The lesson today was from our church’s patron saint; Saint Vincent DePaul. Feed the hungry; comfort the sad. 
Lessons we can all use. 

Until later. 

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