Sunday Confessional: Peace be With You

Confession: I have a hard time with this sentence 

In the Catholic service we hear ‘peace be with you’ a few times during the Mass. The response is ‘and with your spirit’

We learn from an early age that to be at peace is what we want but we also know that sometimes you need help. So, whenever you need it all you need to do is reach out at Mass when FrD or Deacon Lenn offers that peace. The only price is that you grant peace back to their spirits. 

I never used to pay much mind of it. When you’re a cradle Catholic sometimes the words can take on a automatic feel. A knee jerk reaction to your brain remembering what to say next. 

Today, I sang with Melanie at the 9am Mass; and it felt good. When I heard the first ‘peace be with you’ I felt it. 


This is probably the one repercussion from surgery that I struggle with the most. Losing my Sense of peace when I’m at Mass. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the best singer in the world but I can hold my own. 

I heard Melanie break off to do alto harmony during one song and my heart was light. 


I still feel very self conscious because I’m the only one sitting up there. Melanie has the piano and Pat the guitar to sheild them; I have nothing. So I’m working on it. 

I think the more I join Melanie and Pat on Sunday’s, the better I think I will feel. 

Peace be with you; and with your spirit. 

How do you find your peace?

Until later. 

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