Sunday Confessional: thanks

Confession: giving thanks and being thankful can be two different things 

Giving thanks is done over food once a year or so. As we sit surrounded by families and tell each other why we are thankful. 

Being thankful is something we have to remember to do every single day. 

You find it here:


And here

Especially here 

And of course it’s here too

I am thankful for all the above people. Friends and family, and all the countless more who aren’t in pictures. (There’s not enough pictures) 

I am everyday thankful for the difference they make in my life. I am eternally thankful for every hug and kind word. For every word of encouragement and every smiley emoji when I’m feeling down.

I learned a lot about the art of being thankful in the moment in everyday and always. 

One day is simply not enough time to be truly thankful; practice the art of being thankful everyday. 

Until later. 

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