Sunday Confessional: today’s promise

Confession: I break promises; but only those I make to myself. 

I will go above be beyond to fill a promise for friend or family, but it’s super easy to break ones I make to myself. 

I am not sure why I make others a bigger priority in my life. I worry so much about other people being ok that I tend to not bother with myself. 

That’s not helping me much. 

Confession: I don’t know how to keep a promise to myself. 

How can I start? How do I make myself a promise and keep it. 

What prompted this? Tonight as I sang with Annette at the youth explanation mass; I was both surprised and sad. Surprised at how strong my voice sounded singing Here I Am. Saddened by the fact that I’m not singing as much as I want. 

I need to change that. A promise needs to be made. 

Confession: I just don’t know what the promise is yet. 

But I will find it. 

Until later. 

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