Sunday Confessional

Confession: I’ve already sung along to Christmas music in the car. 

I know. 

I don’t do any outward Christmasing until after Remembrance Day (I have the utmost respect for those who paid the ultimate price for my freedom) but I simply love the music at this time of year. 

Confession: it’s Nov 1st and all over the world right now countless numbers of people are already hours into obsession. NaNoWriMo is here. (National Novel Writing Month)

Everyone but me. I finished once, I have not tried in a long time. I’m ok with that.   

Confession: I’m having a weird over emotional day. I’m tearing up at commercials. Not sure what to chalk that up to.  

I  guess this will be something I have to learn to live with as I move through pre menopause. Not liking it right now. 

Confession: I am loving that my Saturday nights are now spent playing cards with my kids. Even if they can kick my butt. 

We have spent the last two weekends rolling in peels of laughter. It’s the most wonderful memory making time I’ve had since the kids were really young. 

Confession: I free wrote this blog and didn’t go back to check my work so please don’t judge. 

November goals will be:

1. Tracking all my food on the Fitbit app 

2. Drinking my water. 

3. At least some kind of movement every day. 

4. Make a strong effort to ensure my new arrangement at work is successful. 

Until later.  

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