Wednesday Wisdoms: Adult Pleasures

I know what you’re all thinking. 

You’re all sick lol. 

I got home tonight and squeed in delight when I saw this

My adult advent calendar arrived today. Now I have 3 weeks to stare at it until I can have it. 

It’s a real treat for me, which I totally thank my hubby for, that allows me to relax and enjoy the holidays without the trappings of too much food and drink. 

A simple nightly cup of tea. 

Wow. I’m adulting very well. 

Until later. 

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3 Responses to Wednesday Wisdoms: Adult Pleasures

  1. cathyo says:

    That’s so cool! A different tea each day? What fun!

  2. peady says:

    SQUEE!!!! Mine is in the way! Maybe it will arrive today?!? So excited!

  3. peady says:


    Obviously. 😉

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