Tuesday Touchpoint

I haven’t been too silent about having a miserable experience with my first Tartan Twosome event this past September. 

I could sit and give you excuse after excuse; but it’s over and I moved on. I swore at one point that id give up races and focus on Body Combat and Zumba. 

Then along came this photo: 

On Maritime Race Weekend’s FB page this showed up. With a contest attached. The five most liked pictures would win a Tartan Twosome registration. 

Could I?

Should I?

Do I dare?

I did. 

I was the second most liked picture. I have won my 2016 race registration. I decided to do the exact same race 5k Friday night and 10k Saturday morning. 

304 days from now I get a ‘do over’

And I’m scared and excited and I have no clue what to do now laugh or cry. 

But I’m gonna do it. 

Until later. 

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