My Saturday in Pictures

As always, Zumba tomato face 

Then we had a little creeper girl with us for the day 

This is what happens when you show up with a treat for your comic book guy and you find out he’s off in the US for Black Friday 

 This guy doesn’t seem so much jolly as weird and off putting  
Got my first red cup of the year. It wasn’t as controversial as I was led to believe. The salted caramel hot chocolate tastes the same

Picked up a new family holiday pass time

I love having a hubby who’s a fantastic cook 

Now I’m curled up with my kitty watching Dr Who

Until later. 

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2 Responses to My Saturday in Pictures

  1. peady says:

    Your Saturdays always look so fun. Where did you find the Christmassy Munchkin? That’s a hoot.

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