Wednesday Wisdoms: limits

Tonight as I watched Survivor I watched Joe give so much in a challenge that he blacked out. He pushed his body to the limit and his body shut down. 

I am not sure I have ever pushed myself that far. However, do I really want to do that to myself. 

I took a screen shot of my heart rate during my last Body Combat class and this is what it looked like 

26 minutes in peak heart rate zone. 

I must do some research of what these all mean. I know the highest heart rate clocked was 184. Not sure that’s good know matter what. 

As I learn more about this trip to Miami the more I feel like I will be pushed beyond my comfort levels. In rooms with hundreds of people I don’t know. In a strange country in a strange city and strange surroundings. 

I’m quite freaked out. As outgoing as I am, I’m only that way once you know me. Until then, I’m a mess of self conscious fear. 

I am pushing myself way out there with the day trip I chose. A trip through the Everglades on an airboat! Not in my wheel house, but I’ll never get a chance at something like that again. 

What do you do everyday to push yourself past your limits?

Until later. 

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