My Saturday in Pictures

As always, Saturday mornings start with Zumba! Our instructor does Christmas music! Love it. 

Then it was off to have lunch with my family! The restaurant was packed so we just kinda fit ourselves in where we found space 

 Extra special guests today included my god parents to the left of me, and my Mom and Dad behind me. Fun fact: Dad and my Godfather are brothers and Mom and my Godmother are sisters!!!

Then it was time. The smell is amazing!! Our first real tree in 15 years at least! 

  Then a quick stop at Sobeys while goofing off and embarrassing Thing2
 Then Thing2 had an idea… was only funny for the humans


Now we’re watching the tree settle and getting ready to watch Dr Who and drink my Day5 of #24DaysOfTea which looks amazin!!!


Until later. 

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