Sunday Confessional: making good on a promise

Confession: today I kept a promise to myself 

It was one year ago today that I decided to walk away from Weight Watchers. I wanted to focus on a huge change in my life; my new job. 

I talked with my hubby and he agreed that after one year if I wanted I could go back. 

I walked into a meeting today. Oddly enough (and I had no clue) but it happened to be the release of a new program. 

Beyond The Scale

Confession: this program is a HUGE change from the last WW program I was on and I think once I get my feet wet, it’s all gonna be ok. 

I used this past year to get settled in a new work routine and a fantastic gym one. 

Two Zumba and one Body Combat class a week. I am generally unhappy when I miss them. 

I feel like I have a good handle on everything but the food. WW has worked for me in the past, so I am back at it. 

Confession: some of the smart point values are gonna set me on my ass and really force me to think about what I’m eating. 

Confession: that’s a good thing right? 

Until later. 

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One Response to Sunday Confessional: making good on a promise

  1. cathyo says:

    Good luck! I work out like a crazy person but see the best results when I am on track with my food consumption. I look forward to to seeing how you do!

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