Sunday Confessional: baby steps

Confession: the week wasn’t perfect but I got through it 

The crushing comes from the fact that despite the not so perfect food but a good handle on fit points helped me lose. 

Half way through day one, I realized I should have bought the calculator. I wasn’t overly happy trying to use the ‘generic’ numbers from the book. Also, with some of my foods there was no generic counterpart so I had to use my old standby points. 

I bought a calculator today. 

Today we talked about the ‘worth it’ factor. It was a timely meeting since there have been some eye openers when it comes to some food. 

It all boils down to one thing; if you can’t write it down in your food journal and see the points in pen form then maybe you shouldn’t eat it period. 

That question then leads to this larger one; are YOU worth it?!

Confession: I am worth it 

Until later 

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