Tuesday Touchpoint

Today I was frustrated. 

These are just a few of the numbers from my Body Combat class. 

It doesn’t measure the level of frustration I had. There are a few moves I this work out that just didn’t gel with my body as it is now. It’s a perfectly fine move for people with a lot less body to maneuver around.

After the first round of them I was cranky. Through the second I was angry and by the last I was ready to cry and just stand there. 

I didn’t

I kept moving. I watched other people with less body stop before me. It’s not that I wish them ill will but it was a little boost to me that I didn’t have to stop. 

Now, I didn’t do every move just like they did but I was doing something like it. 

As frustrating as i found today’s class, I was equally proud of other things. My push ups are getting a little better. My planks weren’t perfect but I tried them (which is more than I’ve done in the past) 

It’s just still so easy to forget all the progress and focus on that one thing that you can’t do. 

Until later. 

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