Sunday Confessional: it’s almost here

Confession: Christmas is only 5 days away and I’ve got nothing wrapped. 

For someone who shops in November, I tend to procrastinate like a champ when it comes to the wrapping. I find it tedious. 

I was pleasantly surprised with a loss today at WW. I was up late at Star Wars movie with salty popcorn and treats the night before (it caused me to sleep in and almost miss Church) I was willing to own my fate. I lost 0.8. I will take it!

We talked about staying on track this week and how we plan to do it. Since our meeting is on Sunday, we won’t miss a WI. 

For me, it’s all about staying as close to my regular routine as possible. For me, that means these two: 

On my left, Elaine who teaches Zumba. On my right is also a Nicole and she teaches Body Combat and Zumba. (Please excuse me for my face being the same color as the Santa hats haha it was post Zumba class)

Confession: if not for their classes, and making sure I get to them every week, I’m not sure where I’d be 

When I started my new job and knew I’d be working 12-8 I was able to find Tuesday and Thursday classes to add to my regular Saturday class. I knew I had to do something to combat the new job and its sedentary issue. 

Through Christmas week, I’m lucky enough to have all my classes fall on non-holiday days. That means no missing a class. 

This year, the combo of my regular activity and my WI will help bolster my need of good choice making. Now, that’s not meaning I’ll opt out of my annual meatballs and potato salad that my mom makes every year on Christmas Eve. (I’ve actually driven through a blizzard to get to that meal I love it so much. And I only get it once a year)

It means that I will keep my activity days even and I will track my food and write it down and make room in my food journal for food that’s worth it. 

What are your plans for Christmas week?

Until later. 

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