Tuesday Touchpoint

Today in Body Combat: 

We had a guest instructor while our coach lies tanning on a beach in Florida not missing us at all haha. 

I had new trainers to try out today and was ready. 

The full in was sweet and was easy to follow and was clear to listen to. She didn’t do as many modifications but I know my go to ones in BC, so I filled my own in. 

I got a great workout in and got to work on time to watch it snow heavy and steady for 8 hours. My drive him was not pleasant. 

I’m still deciding what my new year focus will be, however, because I can’t go to my Zumba class in NYE I’m going New Years Day. 

It’s for a walk on the treadmill, but I’m going to go. I’m gonna start 2016 off right. 

Who’s with me? Even for as little as half an hour. 

Until later. 

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