Sunday Confessional: seeing the perfection in the not so perfect progress

Confession: for a brief moment last night, I considered not going to WI this morning. 

I quickly banished that thought. I am NOT that person anymore. I have finally come to a place where every cog has hit. Every piece of the puzzle seems to be in the box all at the same time. 

I refuse to let my old thinking belittle my progress. Today’s progress didn’t come from the number on the scale, but how my mind dealt with it. 

I knew that I hadn’t had a perfect week. I was so sick, and I didn’t journal and I had no activity. I was sure I was going to be up but this time my goal was to try to NOT gain all the weight I’d lost the week prior. 

I didn’t. I was only up 2.4. Now, instead of seeing the gain and freaking out I took the loss and the gain and split the difference. So, doing the averages I have actually lost 1.3 last week and this. 

And I’m super ok with it. At the beginning of this 4wk set of WI’s I had set a number goal, and I’m proud to say that I’m 0.8 away from it!!! 

Today we talked about how we let our minds process things. For me, accentuating the negative was easy for me when I was at the gym. 

This was today’s short gym trip. Old me would have been mad at not having more mileage in the time frame. 

Today’s me was proud that I got the speed on the treadmill up to 3mph for one whole song and it felt ok! 

In the face of imperfection today I saw so much progress. 

That’s what 2016 is going to be for me:


Until later. 

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