Tuesday Touchpoint: jump

Today in Body Combat; I jumped. 

It wasn’t perfect and I probably looked like a wounded moose; but I jumped.

I pushed myself today. I went into that non comfort zone place and just did it. 

I am thankful that the room had enough people in it that I couldn’t see myself cause I’m sure I would have stopped. 

Today, I kept going when others stopped to rest. Please don’t read into this. I don’t say that in a mean way but in a fat girl way. 

In the way that maybe someone else in that room and looked at me and scoffed at the fact I was there to do kick boxing. And then I did that. I jumped. I kept moving. When others didn’t I did. 

Just maybe someone’s preconceived notion that fat equals lazy was destroyed. 


Until later. 
PS: the girl who stopped was beside me and my nature had me actually worried she was ok. Even when I think they might be a ‘mean girl’, my compassion overrides it all. 

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