Sunday Confessional: slow steady and stumbles 

Confession: I met my 4wk weight goal and I was pleased with myself. 

I am increasingly more confident about the Beyond the Scale program. I have had tremendous success with the combination of this program and my fitness and my want of better choices. 

I have found myself jumping and bouncing and pushing myself to not modify certain moves. I am feeling better in my body, almost lighter on my feet. 

This week wasn’t perfect, and I have to work this week on drinking my water but I know that if I keep up with my new choices and my fitness I will be in a good place. 

On a sad note; this happened today;

I’m past the 30 day return policy at the store I bought them in. However, I’ve only worn them five times. In those five times, only indoors on treadmills and for only 3min at a time. 

I sent an Instagram and tweet to New Balance to see what will happen. I can’t afford to go out and buy new ones so soon after these. So, I’ll wait and see what happens. 


Until later. 

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