Sunday Confessional: small steps are better than none

Confession: I was shocked at my loss at WW today. 

I was down 1.5 and I couldn’t believe it. I spent a lot of my week eating what wasn’t nailed down and my truth telling Fitbit ChargeHR showed I wasn’t exactly giving it my all in class. 

The combo of the two, I was convinced I was screwed. Wow. Apparently, my body just craved more food this week. 

But why?

I have narrowed it down to this. Until 8 weeks ago I did three classes a week. 

Confession: I was happy to justify my eating to these three classes

Once I started back to Weight Watchers on Sunday mornings I decided to expand my routine and instead of just justifying a treat day; I decided to walk. 

I could probably walk more, and when I start serious training for Maritime Rave Weekend I will, but I limit it to 3min. 

And I was ok there, until 2 weeks ago. I put another Body Combat class in my week. 

Confession: I’m feeling it today haha!!! It’s a good pain right?

Small steps. I have come leaps and bounds. I’m four months from my 2yr post surgery anniversary. However, I’m still moving in small steps. 

Small goals. One at a time. Easy to see and attain and; more importantly; maintain. 

Because remember:


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