Sunday Confessional: effect and cause

Confession: I made choices this week (cause)

I gained this week (effect)

It’s my first true gain since new program, and I could tell you lots of ’causes’ for that effect. But…they’re all smoke screens 

The only cause we’re my choices. This new program always talks about beyond the scale, this week I made choices that flew in the face of that scale. 

I forgot that this week. 

Confession: I have to walk the #progressnotperfection walk this week. 

I know I’m changing with this new program because a gain would have thrown me into pity party for a day it two. 

Today, I went to the gym and followed my planned day. Progress. 

Confession: at the gym I pushed myself to the fastest speed I have managed yet! Crushed it. 

Until later. 

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