Tuesday Touchpoint

I think I have been spoiled. I think that in my year with GoodLife Penhorn, I’ve come to know some of the best trainers. Ever. 

Today I couldn’t make it to class because of the snow. So, I found a reasonable facsimile on YouTube 


Now don’t get me wrong; she was great and I did get a workout in. However, the music wasn’t loud, I was afraid of breaking stuff in my house and there wasn’t a room full of like minded people feeling the same pain. 

It’s ok in a pinch but I now prefer the real thing. Strange as it may be for me to say that. I was terrified of group fitness until this year. I used to feel like everyone was staring at the far girl. 

Now I don’t care if they stare at the fat girl. That fat girl is going to Body Combat and getting her fight on. I’m ready to take them all on. 


Until later. 

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