Sunday Confessional: back at it

Confession: I was up 0.3 this week and I think that’s amazing 

I spent from Sunday to Thursday in Toronto and then Miami. I had told myself that I wouldn’t deprive myself of any food. 
I had every intention of also hitting the gym while I was there as well. That didn’t happen, but I averaged about 12k steps a day. 

I tried things I’ve never had before; like alligator and caper mashed potato. I made sure I never went back for seconds; with the exception of the shrimp on the first day hahaha. 

I made sure that I tried all the desserts but very rarely finished any of them fully. 

Confession: I stuck to my plan and I’m proud of myself. 

There wasn’t one moment while I was away that I felt left out of the fun of the event. I drank water and Coke Zero while others got their drink on. I was always moving. There was dancing every night. 

I am still stiff and sore from it all. However, it was back to my routine today. I went to WW and then to the gym. 

I really feel like I’m finally getting a good hold on my food. 

Watch out world, here I come!!!

Until later 


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