Wednesday Wisdoms

I had a scary thought today. 

My regular trainer is going on a well deserved vacation for the nex two weeks. So, she found someone to sub her Tuesday Body Combst class. There’s a catch: they won’t be teaching Body Combat. It’s Body Attack. 

Here’s what it can look like:

I won’t lie. I threw up in my mouth a little. 

I formulated excuses in advance. I almost talked myself into an hour on the treadmill (that wasn’t a long entertained thought)

Then I watched it a couple more times. I might be able to do this, highly modified. So, I am putting on my big girl panties and I’m going to try it. I had the same fear, oh so long ago in Combat, where I felt the same way. Now, I love it so much I refuse to work morning shifts so I can go to classes. 

Here’s where my scary thought comes from;

What if I like Attack too?! 

Until later. 


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