Sunday Confessional: daylight savings 

Confession: I can’t explain it, but losing one hour of sleep has kicked my ass today. 

I love that at 6:30 tonight it was still light out. I love that soon when I drive home from work it will be dusk. 

However, I wish there was a way to do it NOT at the expense of my sleep.

Confession: on a good day I rarely get more than six hours sleep. 

I have never been a long sleeper. I like being up and about and productive. On weekends, though, I tend to crash on Sunday and nap. 

Like today. For two hours. For some reason though, today’s made me feel more wiped out. It’s not helping me keep my focus on my healthy journey. I’m just feeling like a slug 

How much sleep do you get?

Until later. 


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