Sunday Confessional: Bookends

Confession: I am really enjoying Tyler Perry’s Passion. It’s a lovely modern spin with modern music but the same message of pure love for the world. 

Today; this happened 

I finished my first 16wks with Weight Watchers. It wasn’t perfect. I wasn’t perfect. I am learning more from my less than perfect moments than I am my successes. As I move into my second book, I hope to keep my mind set on #progressnotperfection

Confession; I’m glad it wasn’t and that I wasn’t. 

Today I sang two of my favorite hymns at Palm Sunday service. What no one saw was my inner disappointment of a less than stellar showing as I did each song. I heard every bobble. I noticed each time my lungs failed to hold notes that I had no issue with pre surgery.

I was mad. I wasn’t perfect. I didn’t even feel like I was good. 

After I had packed up my stuff, and said good morning to FatherD and hugged a few friends one of them smiled at me and told me how awesome it was to hear my voice singing so strongly. 

I smiled politely, and thanked them, and wondered if they were just being polite. However, another person agreed with them. The surgeries and complications have irreparably altered my ability. 

I’m glad I’m not perfect. I am a stronger person for what happened two years ago. 

Then I heard this on the radio and do you know what; I sang along with it….

Until later. 


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