Sunday Confessional: truth and consequences

Confession: so it wasn’t near as bad as I thought. It wasn’t close to what I can do. 

However, when I thought about today and going to my WI, I realized something; do I need to suffer my consequences or can I live with them instead?

I owned the gain. I was vocal about just how OFF the wagon I truly was. I am living with my choice, but I have to stop suffering from them. 

I got back at it today. Food journal out, went to the gym, drank my water, made good food choices. One day down.

Living with my consequences. Progress. Not nearly close to perfection. I think we are altogether too hard on ourselves. One week slip didn’t put all this weight on. I can’t live my life with no slip ups, that’s too much pressure. 

Confession: I am human, and some days I pray for the grace to accept myself for that. Some days I thank god he gifted it to me. 

Until later. 


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