Sunday Confessional: stress 

Confession: the last two weeks have been chalk full of stress. 

Between horrifyingly busy days at work, the stress of moving offices, taking on a new C131 Insurance course, and still lingering chronic hip pain; my life is kinda sucky right now. 

I’m excited and terrified about tomorrow; our first day in our new offices. Excited to see our new space; terrified at the new routine and unknown of it all. Stressful for someone like me who’s very much a planner. The unknown makes me nervous and stressed out. 

Today at my WW meeting we talked about enjoying our journey. If you’re always saying you’ll be happy when you get to your happy weight, you will never see it. 

I am learning to enjoy my journey. I’m loving the process of taking classes and getting stronger. So, since I’ve been struggling with my food I decided to make a collage to represent what I love about my journey so far. 

It’s no secret how I feel about Nicole and Elaine. They are the reason I work the shifts I do. They are the reason I’m at the gym four of the five trips I make every week. I cannot begin to articulate properly the appreciation I have for the impact they have had on my journey so far. 

Nicole is helping me work on my balance and strength, and how to modify through the flare up of my hip pain. She will stick in my favorite songs if she knows I’m having a bad day to make me smile and work harder. She doesn’t except anything less than my best. I am stronger because of her. 

Elaine always helps me just let go and be in every moment of her Zumba class. I have abandon and joy when I am in her class. 

So, this week, this will be my phone screen saver. To remind me that I am to find the joy and enjoy the journey. 

Until later. 


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2 Responses to Sunday Confessional: stress 

  1. cathyo says:

    just keep plugging away! baby steps are still steps in the right direction!

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