Tuesday Touchpoint 

Sometimes there is just the need to be a goofball. I have a tendency to sometimes get bogged down in the stress of things I can’t control. I focus much more on negatives. Like feeling like being left behind in this insurance class because I can’t attend the Tuesday classes. Or when I feel like a fish out of water at work because I’m in an in between space and not feeling like I belong anywhere.

Today I just had to look at myself and do this:

Because really; the crap above this picture I can’t control. I can control my ability to smile and joke. 

I can control trying to make someone else NOT feel like those above the picture feelings. If it’s just as simple as helping them find their car in the parkade or helping them find the copy room. 

Right now I’m avoiding this insurance book like the plague but it’s sitting in my lap and hard to ignore 🙁 

Until later. 


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