Sunday Confessional: realization 

Confession; I’m a dumb ass 

So I was feeling great. I earned 91 FitPoints. I drank tons of water. I controlled my snacking. I practically skipped into WW this morning. 

They asked me how my week was before I got on the scale I told them it was great. 

The girls know, no comments, I like to sit and settle then look. 

I was gobsmacked. Up 1. 


Confession; it wasn’t until half way to lunch with my mom and sister that it settled in my head what happened. 

Gravy happened. Soup happened. 

I broke my own cardinal rule about sodium before WI. 

Now, see this face….

This is my determined face. 

This week is my ‘free’ week. I pay for three weeks, my fourth WI is free. I am going to make myself the same kinda happy next Sunday AND I’m gonna lose weight. 

It’s gonna be awesome. Just wait. 

Until later. 


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