Sunday Confessional: Moms

Confession: I cried at Church today.

Every year on Mother’s Day we sing Haily Mary/Gentle Woman and every year I tear up. It’s such a powerful anthem to women and Mother’s. 

We go through life in the secure knowledge that there is at least one person who will love us unconditionally. This person wiped our noses, kissed our boo boos. They took us for ice cream and to the doctors. 

They also taught us to be strong independant humans with confidence and compassion. To see the goodness in people and to celebrate joy. 

It was very much a life goal for me to be that person for my own tiny humans one day. To instill in my tiny humans the same amazing lessons my Mom instilled in me. 

When I see what amazing compassionate funny kind and wonderful adult humans my kids turned into, I know it’s in no small part because of my Mom and that is amazing. 

For those who celebrate those women in their life who are now in heaven, my heart aches for you. For those women who make the choice to become that woman to another human by choice (not by blood) I am in awe of your heart. 

I am truly blessed. 

Until later. 

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