Wednesday Wisdoms


Since starting the new job well over a year ago, I’ve suddenly realized that my memory has gotten worse. 

Not sure if that’s because of all the info I’ve crammed in has made it hard to keep anything else in it. 

Maybe I’m just getting old. 

I’ve been forgetting appointments and totally spacing out on things. Double booking myself at events, and just generally making me seem like a flake.  Take for instance my most recent incident. I booked an appointment for a family photo for the Parish Directory. Promised I’d have us there. 15min past when I was supposed to be there they called me and I was no where near them. I rescheduled, apologizing profusely. Then tonight, showed a half hour early!!! What the heck?! I felt stupid and absent minded. 

I am not sure how I’m going to combat this but I think I’ll be using my phone calendar a lot more. A lot.  

How do you guys keep everything straight?! 

Until later. 

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One Response to Wednesday Wisdoms

  1. cathyo says:

    if it isn’t in my calendar it doesn’t happen. I put everything in there now…kids appts, my appts, gym class, meetings, dinner dates, payment due dates…everything and anything..and be sure to use the reminder feature so it pops up a certain amount of time before so you have time to get where you need to be!

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