Sunday Confessional: the why of it all

Confession: I always have a why

For everything I do, there is a why. 

Why go to the gym? It helps me get healthy. 

Why not eat chocolate for breakfast? Cause it’s not healthy. 

Why give my time to the IWK telethon? Because it makes my heart sing to help tiny humans. 

I gave birth to two tiny humans at the IWK. I was blessed to have happy healthy kids. Some of us are not so blessed. That’s why I do it. 

Confession: I’m truly aware of my good graces with my kids. 

Every year  I’m at telethon I see all the tiny humans with their own much too long bravery beads. Every year my heart breaks. Last year was the tiny human who loved that my sternotmy scar matched his. 

This year was a visit with my friends little one who will soon start collecting her own set of bravery beads. 

Remember your why. 

Whether it’s in eating healthy, or keeping up your fitness or simply taking some time to be nice to yourself. 

Remember your why. 

Until later. 

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