Sunday Confessional: can I hit the easy button please

Confession: today was a big ugly truth day mixed with a bit of hope

Yup. That’s a gain. A big ass gain. Yup. I posted it here. 


Because there a few things that the number shows me. 

1. Never miss a WI if I have any other choice. I don’t ever do well when i have to go two weeks between WI’s 

2. I cannot let side effects get my goat. I haven’t had a migraine in two weeks but their side effects are weight gain and increased appetite. Ugh as I try to fight this off!

3. I have learned to appreciate the body I have now, it’s not always but I’m getting there. 

Confession: for weeks after my surgery I couldn’t look at myself in a mirror. 

Learning to love yourself isn’t easy. We think nothing of saying ‘I’ll be happy with myself once I’m…..’ Inserting your happy weight here. When I was cleared mostly for activity I was proud of myself for getting back into it. 

I focused on getting stronger, not on how I looked.  I focused on what empowered me to keep moving, and not on the negative voices in my head that told me I was too fat to be there. 

I learned not to ‘see” what I look like in class and visualize how I look at my happy weight doing class. 

Getting my mind right is the biggest piece of this puzzle, and once I have that; I’ll be unstoppable. 

Until then…..I will put on a happy face….

Well….happy, crazy, funny….it’s all good!!!! 😜

Until later. 


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