Wednesday Wisdoms

Today is one of two rest days in my week 

This meme made me laugh since Oprah is now geared up with my WW meetings haha. 

I use Monday’s and Wednesday’s as rest days. Today I’m nursing a pretty drastic Charlie horse pain in my left calf (of course it’s my left side, all my pain is on the left) 

So, when I look at my Fitbit I have anxiety. Yes, I am actually considering adding activity into my Wednesday’s (training hills for September then most likely a third Body Combat class) 

I’m not sure if my body is ready for this. I want to do it ( the Body Combat not the hills, I mean who WANTS to do hills) because I have found a love of that class, but I’m not sure if it’s too much too soon? 

Should I wait until I have less  weight on (cause I think that’s a lot of my hip pain from walking) or do I get my body used to it now?

I still see how people look at me when I’m in class. Or when I walk out of class. I stil feel the eyes when I walk through the gym. Would I be proving them right if my body couldn’t handle it? 

I’m not making any decisions right now since I’m five days from my exam and that’s my only focus other than the gym but once it’s over, it’s adulting decision time. 

Until later. 

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