Sunday Confessional: stress pain and fear

Confession: I’m in tremendous pain from what I can only decide was sleeping wrong. 

The nerve in my left shoulder is on fire. 

But it’s stress that’s a massive cause of it. I’m almost done. That damn exam is tomorrow, and then I’m finished. 

My fear is that I don’t pass. If I don’t, I’m not sure they’ll let me rewrite. Not sure I’m ready to try again. 

I’m in this strange chasm of self doubt and I know there are some friends with me who are writing , so I know I’m not alone. 

However, as much as I know there are others, this is has been a lonely road. I think it’s the nature of the virtual classroom. 

Confession: I’ve said a prayer to help me be calm, have grace and have faith.

I’m not above having the priest bless my pen lol (we’re writing in the basement of a Catholic Church)

Until later. 

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