Sunday Confessional: new things

Confession: I went to Mass at a different Parish today. 

It was the same service, the songs were slower and I didn’t know a couple but it felt different. The people were lovely and inviting and I enjoyed the new perspective. 

Sometimes just trying to see something from a different angle can be a good thing. 

Confession: I immediately wanted those skates 😍

Try something new. I have done more of that in the last two years than in my whole life. Zumba. Body Combat. Body Attack. 10k’s. 

I think my try something new needs to be how I look at my journey. 

Confession: I am still not completely convinced I can lose the weight. 

I put up a good front, but I can’t seem to keep my motivation on point. Last week being a perfect example. Due to an injury, I used it as a reason to not journal and skip breakfast and just generally not give a crap. 

And that’s how I feel now. Like crap. It’s bad enough I was pissed about not getting my gym time, but the weight gain sucked too. 

My try something new this week is to make ME a priority, my healthy choices, my activity and my ability to lose this weight. 

I can do this and now I need to put rubber to the road. 

Until later. 

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