Sunday Confessional: low and slow

Confession: I am giving up walk races next year because I’m a timing fanatic. 

I have an issue with ‘beating my time’ and ‘not being last’. So much so that I am really no longer enjoying the accomplishment of just finishing. 

Today I walked for an hour on the dreadmill. Which, as you all know is my least favourite gym trip of the week. But, I decided low and slow today. I didn’t take my speed above a 2.6.

That’s how far I got in that hour. 

Confession: it irritated me. 

I didn’t focus on the fact that I had very little pain or that my sciatic didn’t once give me pins and needles and not once did my foot go numb (like in every race I’ve ever done) I did remember thinking I felt great and could walk forever. 

Then I saw the distance at the end. Not even a whole 5k. Argh. Really. I thought I was feeling good. 

I was. I just wasn’t good and fast together. 

My race in September I’m gonna have to take it low and slow if I plan to finish the 10k on my feet. But I want to ring that PB bell. I want a personal best. 

Why can I NOT get past this?! 

To all my running friends; how do you deal with this?!?!?

Until later. 

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One Response to Sunday Confessional: low and slow

  1. For me it’s about finding balance. Balance between listening to my body and pushing for a PB. There’s nothing wrong with having goals — it’s what humans thrive on — but it’s also important to know when to slow down and respect what your body is telling you. That’s something that takes time and experience to figure out.

    *Hugs* to you.

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