Sunday Confessional: pride

Confession: in my Catholic faith certain types of Pride are sinful. 

For me, pride is more about self love and the lack of judgment for others. 

I struggle constantly with being proud of the body I am in right now. I’m a work in progress, this I know, but I struggle to see the forest through the trees. 

There’s a reason when I’m in most pictures I look like this:

It’s because I have a hard time looking at ones like this:

Confession: I love the person who took the pic, not so much the person staring back at me in it. 

Truth: that body has been through the ringer. 

Truth: that body can dance. 

Truth: that body kicks Body Combat ass. 

Truth: that body is making slow progress in the realm of weight loss. 

I appreciate my body for all it has come through and I’m grateful that I’m still on this earth to fight the fight to my healthy weight. 

Maybe a little Pride wouldn’t be so bad; if used for the right reasons. 

Until later. 

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