No Meal Monday

Howdy folks!! 

I know I know, you’re all like where HAVE you been! (Using my best Mrs Weasley voice)

No there were no bars on my windows and I didn’t need to be rescued from my home. 

I went home. 

To Cape Breton; for a wedding. 

I got to see lots of family I haven’t seen in a very long time. I was hugged and gave hugs all weekend. All there was was love. 

And I miss them all already. 

So, instead of a picture of food I’ll treat you to some Cape Breton love. 

It’s better. 

PS: the picture right above me is just a “portion” of my awesome Langlois clan. I love them all to the moon and stars. 

Until later. 

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3 Responses to No Meal Monday

  1. peady says:

    Do I *ever* love their welcoming sign, “pick a seat not a side” perfection!

    I miss Cape Breton. 😥

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