Tuesday Touchpoint

Diagnosis of Pain: Plantar fasciitis. 

And with that; I’m pissed off. 

I haven’t processed it all yet or what it will mean for September. 

However I know this; I will not let it affect Body Combat and Zumba. If I have to give up one of the above things, I’m pretty sure it will have to be the race. 

For now, I work on rest and treatment. I have a date with a podiatrist for orthotics. 

Ummm. Yay?!

Until later. 

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One Response to Tuesday Touchpoint

  1. My awesome massage therapist gave me some good tips for dealing with plantar fascitis that helped both CBG and I.

    Nightly, massage the bottom of your foot with a hard ball. Think tennis ball or street hockey ball. Put it in the arch of your foot and put as much pressure as you can tolerate. Roll the ball around, applying pressure as you go. It will hurt like crazy but it will help.

    Then, take a full plastic water bottle full of frozen water and roll it back and forth under the arch of each foot.

    We both treat plantar fascitis this way and it is super helpful (even though it hurts, it will help in the long run, I promise!)

    Good luck!

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