Sunday Confessional: optimism

Confession: doubt is part of my everyday 

I doubt I’ll ever have a day with no pain. 

I doubt I’m ever going to get my goals. 

I doubt I’ll ever make my happy weight. 

We talked about optimism in our meeting today. Yes, more often than not I’m a half empty glass kind of girl. 

However, it’s been a weird few days since I’ve diagnosed the foot pain and it seems better and I’m hopeful for a quick end to the pain. 

What it is making me consider is dropping the Tartan Twosome and just doing the 5k in October. I haven’t decided yet but I need to refocus my activity priorities as soon as possible. 

I was on the treadmill and had little pain but once over and I was in my WW meeting it was on fire. What do I do with that. 

I am positive that I will make the best decision for me, but right now i am relaxing with a good book. 

Be kind to yourself, it’s a lesson I’m still learning. But I’m optimistic I will get there.  

Until later. 

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One Response to Sunday Confessional: optimism

  1. I view doubt as motivation. Motivation to think up alternatives to reach your goals. If your foot causes too much pain to put pressure on it, have you considered swimming? Or perhaps upper body weights?

    I also wanted to stop by and thank you for always liking my blog posts 🙂 you rock!

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