Wednesday Wisdoms: how do you look at things

How you chose to look at something can very much shade your view of it. 

For example, they announced the new iPhone (I know it’s not exactly news, they do it every second Tuesday) that was finally water resistant. However, all people can talk about is that there is no earphone jack. 

I, for one, would want the earphone jack and not the water resistance. However there are lots of people who want to not worry should their phone mistakenly falls in a bucket of water. 

Who do you please? Who’s needs are more important than the others. 

For me, I’m trying to see my journey as a good thing and not punishment. I don’t feel the activity is punishment but my inability to not control my food is. I work so hard to shoot myself in the foot. 

How can I learn to see both food and activity as the same thing?

Until later. 

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