Sunday Confessional: medal vs mettle

Confession: I like the medals 

It’s why I do the races. I have a modest collection. 

Truly I wanted to get three more medals this coming weekend. 

However, my mettle is being tested with a nagging hip and foot issues. 

I’ve gotten past me not getting the medals on Saturday. It took a LONG time to be ok with it. However, I would rather keep my body in good enough shape that I can test my mettle with Body Combat. 

Confession; I’m still not coming to terms with potentially being last person in. 

This will be a HUGE mental battle on Friday night. I am not sure how I’ll handle it. 

However, I’ve already made a plan to combat my sinking feelings for missing Saturday’s race. One; I’m volunteering this year for Maritime Race. So I got involved another way. 

Two; is this wonderful crazy girl 

She’s getting married next Saturday night, but is going to Zumba class in the am. She’s making the playlist 😍

It’s all about medals, for the most part, but it’s more about my own mettle and how I choose to test myself. 

PS: besides I have one last 5k in October, and I’ll get two medals for that one hahahaha. 

Until later. 

PSS; thank you to a lovely friend who caught my metal/mettle goof lol everyone needs a little help some days. 

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