Sunday Confessional: settling

Confession: I’ve had lots of emotions since Friday 

Confession: most of them surprised me

This is me and Felix at the end of my race. He gave me my medal and it was a great moment. The day before we volunteered together. I liked that moment. 

This is me and Jarvis pre race. We talked and chatted and considered KD. I loved this moment. 

These were the view from the actual race. I only stopped to take these two. I was not enjoying these moments. 

Pre and post race moments were great. I loved that I had friends there. I loved the fireworks and the end result of being under an hour. What I feel I those moments I USED to feel about walking. 

I don’t have those feelings for a race anymore. I was so intense about the walking and the breathing and the moving that I didn’t stop and enjoy it. I didn’t stop and get a hug from a dear friend. I had many people post race tell me they saw me and waved but I wasn’t looking. 

Confession: that made me feel worse 

I was not in the moment. I was on a mission, a mission of proof. Proof to others that I can still do this. Proof to myself that I don’t give up. 

Confession: I made the right decision not doing the second race. 

My foot was on fire and my hip ached and I felt as though I would do myself a detriment if I tried. 

Instead… I decided to be with an amazing woman 

She got married Saturday night, but Saturday morning she went to Zumba. I got to dance and be silly and enjoy myself (achy but barely foot pain) and enjoy the moment. 

Confession: I see the difference between the moments now 

I’ve got one 5k left in October and then I’m done. I would rather do activity where I enjoy the moment rather than something that gives me a medal at the end but that I don’t enjoy. 

Choose to do the things you love and enjoy your moments. 

Until later. 

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One Response to Sunday Confessional: settling

  1. I love this! Way to go. I did see you pass by but couldn’t get your name out in time.

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