Sunday Confessional; justification

Confession: I can justify just about anything if I have to 

Friday it was bleak and blustery and I justified that by having hubby make homemade beef stew for Sunday dinner 

Confession: I also justified going into this week with a gain. 

See those jeans. If you’re a Weight Watcher you will understand that you NEVER go to WI in jeans. They’re too heavy; you have to wear your lightest clothes (for me it’s usually a light race shirt and legging capris) but it’s getting cold.

Also, since I no longer go to the gym on Sundays there’s no need to change into my workout gear (read usual WI outfit) 

Confession: I had quite a gain this week. 

But I justified it with the jeans. Hopefully, next week it will even itself out. However, I have to be careful I don’t justify this gain as a reason to slide off course. 

Back at it tomorrow morning. I can and will be successful. 

How do you justify?

Until later. 

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