Wednesday Wisdoms: the gps of it all 

I was listening to talk radio today and heard something that resonated with me. Threw some wisdom my way. 

GPS systems: they don’t show you the whole trip all at once. It reveals a little bit of the trip at a time making sure you’re focused on where you’re at at the moment. 


I know right!?

Don’t get it? Ok let me tell how it processed through my head. (Stop laughing it won’t take that long)

I’ve been looking at my whole trip and freaking out. I need to focus more on just the next couple of turns instead. I have a long road and it can make me crazy thinking I’ll never get there, but I can see the next couple of turns and focus on making them great. 

I just need a GPS with an awesome voice who will make sure I don’t make a wrong turn (and has a cool accent : ooo like David Tenant’s voice) 

Wisdom shows its face in the strangest of places and that’s why it’s awesome when you happen upon it. 

What’s your wisdoms today???

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