Sunday Confessional: kindness

Confession: I am not often kind to myself when it comes to how I look. 

I think we all struggle with what our image in the mirror reflects back on us. 

I recently bought a coat for the fall/winter season. Plain black and knee length that would be good for our underground parking. What I wasn’t planning on when I bought it was the meltdown I’d have over the size. 

You see, Walmart has recently changed its sizing and what size I used to be is now 2 sizes bigger. 

Hence the meltdown. I hate the size on the tag. And I know, friends, that sizes don’t matter fit does. My mind isn’t that enlightened yet. So I’m dealing. 

I did, however, find this finally in Dartmouth 

And it has some great articles about self love and positive self talk. 

So, friend, this is a short Confessional cause I’m gonna tuck into bed with this magazine and do some self love work. 

Do you need help with it?? Do you struggle with the image in the mirror?

Until later. 

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