Wednesday Wisdoms: good vs bad 

Today’s Wisdom comes from two very different experiences while Christmas shopping. 

The bad; I walked into a Reitmans store today with my hubby. I looked around and didn’t immediately see the plus size section. Assuming it had moved I asked the sales lady. 

I was then told that any Reitmans customer larger than a size 20 or a 2x can only shop online. 

I was gobsmacked, and making it worse the look on her face as she looked at me made me feel inferior and not worth her time. 

I turned around and left the store quite shaken. I was suddenly too fat to be seen in a store and must hide myself inside and order my clothes where my body won’t offend other shoppers. 

Took me some time to cool off ( okay so I went shoe shopping instead) and then I headed to the next store. 

The Good: Addition Elle. Of course this is a store just for people of size, so I knew it was a safer place. I had the extreme pleasure of having a young woman named Megan help me. She helped me realize I was wearing too big a jean and top. She showed me my real size was a 22 (down from a 26) and what jeans looked good on me. She helped me with tops as well picking some things I wouldn’t have. 

I was mortified and thrilled in the same day. How’s that for wisdom. 

Until later. 

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