Sunday Confessional: spirit 

Confession: sometimes I let people trample my spirit. 

I don’t set out to let it happen. I set out everyday with lots of spirit but depending on who I meet or speak to it gets trampled. 

Confession: we put our lights on the house today and that made my spirit light. 

I love Christmas. I love the movies and the music and the love and peace and joy. I love getting to see family and seeing the joy in everyone at being together. 

Just the simple act of putting the lights on the house made me want to YouTube all the Hallmark Christmas movies (and I cannot confirm or deny that I could be watching one right now as I type) and revel in that spirit. 

Soon it will snow and I will have my Lorelei Gilmore moment.  The first snow for me is always amazing.  Just a light flurry or dusting of white can set my joy for the day. 

How do you keep from letting people trample your spirit. 

Until later. 

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One Response to Sunday Confessional: spirit 

  1. I don’t decorate until Dec 5th – ONLY because we have birthdays on the 3rd and 4th and I want to keep those separate from the holidays. However, now that Remembrance Day is over, I’m starting to enjoy Christmas decorations, shopping etc.

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