Sunday Confessional: cravings

Confession: cravings did me in this week. 

There are so many different types of cravings. The biggest being food and it’s my biggest struggle. 

Cravings are so psychological in nature. The thoughts that fly through your head during a craving can be overwhelming. 

All I need to do is walk by a Cinnabon and I go through the mental roller coaster. Oh my god that smells amazing. If I don’t get Starbucks and lunch I could get it. I shouldn’t even be thinking about that. I love them so much. Maybe I’ll bring one home. They are so tasty. I’ll have to take another Body Combat class to compensate. I don’t have the money. Maybe next time. (By now I’m in the car) I wish I would have got one. 

Oy vey. 

But you can have a non food craving. Like to binge watch shows or have a dance party in the living room to New Kids. 

How do you deal with cravings and holding the crazy at bay?

I admit I have a harder time at home when the food is all around me. 

My ‘go to’ visualization is that someone has sneezed on or licked the item I’m craving. It can be highly effective, if not a little gag worthy. 

When the craving strikes, how do you battle? 

Until later. 

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